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SIBS International Inc. is the parent company to a portfolio of subsidiaries, joint ventures and partnerships, stemming from its core sectors of Transportation & Real Estate Development. SIBS has transcended from a small local trucking company in Texas, into a full service comprehensive Transportation Conglomerate chartering through international waters. The company’s mission is to provide full-service, turn-key logistic solutions via Land and Sea; however, our focus in the transportation of Heavy Materials, such as Sand, Aggregates, Cement and Concrete, has naturally afforded us the ability to take advantage of significant real estate development opportunities within an increasingly robust market.

Our portfolio of diversified companies has afforded us the knowledge and opportunity to take advantage of significant market opportunities. In particular, through our logistics sector, we were able to secure incredibly attractive long-term contracts throughout the Caribbean and leverage our capacity for new initiatives. We operate with experience and remain focused on understanding and exceeding consumer expectations. The investment landscape continues to be impacted by forces that drive change at a rapid pace. Most notably, The Citizen By Investment Program has infused the Caribbean economies with foreign direct investment and has propelled real estate development at an exponential rate.

SIBS International continues to focus on investment opportunities that we believe offer a differentiated experience and thus create stronger consumer demand and investment returns. Often, the delivery of a true experience comes in the form of a mixed-use project whereby synergies can be leveraged and a unique, seamless experience can be delivered.

Although our primary investment focus remains within the logistics and real estate sectors, SIBS International portfolio has grown to include investments in Hospitality, Music & Entertainment, Fashion and other operating ventures. SIBS was built upon a foundation of values and our success is based upon a remarkable team who shares those values. We look forward to collaborating, partnering and connecting with you as we continue creating quality, enduring investments.

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